Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Instructions for 3/24/2015

Ay Dios mio, folks. I hate being out sick.

Here are your instructions for today:

Period 3/4 -- I will still need to collect 2 "art-show ready" pieces on Thursday so that I can give you project grades for this marking period. I can help people choose and attach mats and mounting paper on Thursday, but try to do any touch-ups you'll need today.

Olivia - I did not get to flatten your canvas panel. If you want to do it (so that you can do the feathers next class) use one of Mrs. Neenan's spray bottles to wet the back of the panel (it doesn't need to be soaking, just damp), then put it face down on a piece of the thick, gray "blotting paper" and place the wooden box of reference photo folders on top of it.
Austin - I'm in love with the space man on your suminagashi. Definitely finish him for Thursday!

Periods 5/6 and 7/8 -- Many artists work in pairs and in teams. Since I can't be here today to start the Gesture Drawing unit, I would like you to take a cue from some of these team-oriented artists and do a single-day collaborative project or experiment with one (or more) of your classmates.

(Yes, Gorkem + Dean, as well as Haley + Marissa have already done this kind of thing in period 7/8... did you guys ever expect you'd be role models?) 

1. Pick a partner or a small group
2. Brainstorm together about what materials you want to use, what ideas/images/techniques you want to explore, etc. *Disclaimer: We are almost out of red acrylic paint*3. If needed, plan out who will do which tasks (delegate)
4. Create some artwork!
5. Optional: Check out the famous artist pairs below via your phones
6. Also optional: Help brighten my day -- email me pictures of the art happening in class! cwalker@ridgefieldschools.com

Pip & Pop

Pip & Pop used to be a team of 2 Australian artists, Tanya and Nicole. In 2011, Nicole left the duo, so now Tanya finds artist friends to help her make her vision as a solo artist come to life.

Christo & Jeann-Claude

Christo and Jeanne-Claude were a married couple who created giant environmental installations, beginning in the 1960s. Most of their famous works involved wrapping buildings or natural objects in giant sheets of (sometimes colorful) fabric.

The Bottom Line:
Even if your result doesn't look like anything awesome, I am hoping that you will learn something by spending a day *truly collaborating.* I know as well as you do that very often, group projects in other classes are more of a hassle than a fun learning experience... let's see how collaborative art can be different!

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