Sunday, October 26, 2014

Student Email Collection!

Hello, class!

I am creating email lists for each class so that in the future, I will be able to email you important reminders, links, etc.

Please fill out the following form:

Once everyone has completed the form, this blog post will be deleted (gasp!).


-Ms. Walker

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Tattoo Art! (videos and symbol resources)

Hey, everyone!

Are you looking for the videos for our tattoo lesson?

Here is a playlist on YouTube:

Here are the individual links:

  1. What Makes Tattoos Permanent? - Claudia Aguirre (TedEd)
  2. The history of tattoos - Addison Anderson (TedEd)
  3. Strange Science: Tattoos

Pay extra-close attention during the 2nd video -- this is where you will get information about how tattoos were viewed in different cultures! It's on your quiz! (The video covers Victorian England, Sailors, Crusaders, Post-Holocaust Jews, Japanese Prisoners & the Yakuza Gang, and the Maori people. You need to be able to recall two different cultures.)

You can also investigate other cultures... like geek culture!

Here are some helpful links for finding out the meaning of common tattoo symbols:

And here is the source of the image I used above (giving the artist credit)

#ColorTheoryParty (#itsnotarealparty)

Hello, class!

Today's activity is designed to help you have fun while exploring new aspects of Color Theory!

You will need to take 2 photos, each that shows a different color scheme (2 color schemes, 1 photo each).

  The photos should each include two labels: 1) your name 2) the type of color scheme

How can you submit photos to me?

Option A: Email your photos directly to Ms. Walker by sending an email to: cwalker @ (remove the spaces)

Option B: Use one of Ms. Walker's (personal) cameras

Here are a few examples of photos to help you get started:

If you are struggling with the color schemes, here is an awesome widget that can help:

(Unfortunately, your phone might not support it)

In addition to the schemes on your worksheet, there is a color scheme called "split complements" - it's not featured in that widget, but the widget does include some more advanced triadic color schemes that will be options for your project.

I hope you have fun with this activity!
-Ms. Walker

P.S. The color theory worksheet is also being collected and graded!

Shading Forms with Art 1

After my students had mastered the concept of Value, demonstrated through the creation of 10-step value scales and 2.5-inch gradients, we moved on to using our new shading skills to create the illusion of form (3D).

When I created the Shading Forms concept/vocabulary worksheet, I used the following video tutorial:
“Simple Shadows” by Bob Davies

However, after finding the video tutorial “Shading Light and Form – Basics” by Proko, I felt it was more attention-grabbing, so our class watched the following video:

Some concepts from my worksheet were not covered in the Proko video, so I had to explain them myself (including Directional Shading and ambient light).

I will come back to this post and attach the shading forms vocab/concept sheet and the shading forms practice sheet once I get a chance.