Monday, March 23, 2015

Instructions for 3/23/2015

I know, I know... I can't believe I am missing ANOTHER B-day!

But trust me, I'd much rather be with all of you today than be dealing with this dental emergency.

Here are your instructions for today:

Period 3/4 -- Please work on your Cubism/Picasso inspired projects.

  • You have free choice of media (same as last time), so get whatever supplies you need. **Disclaimer: we're almost out of red paint!** 
  • I expect to see progress made on your projects when I return! 
  • Don't forget to do an awesome job cleaning up (start at 10:59am)
Gioia - start by cutting out both of those large circles you traced last class and applying them to your canvas. From there you can probably start applying layers of color. Consider using small squares or ripped pieces instead of strips for the moon?
Angie - you have a good eye. Trust yourself.
Alex, Peter, John, and Brandon - get 'er done.

Period 5/6 -- Today is a "ketchup day" for your free choice projects (from before we started contour line drawing)!!

  • If you didn't finish your free-choice project, you can find it:
      • In the green paper folder on the paper cutter
      • In the portfolio folder labeled "B 5/6 not finished" to the left of the paper cutter
  • If you DID finish your free-choice project, please spend today doing something artsy and low-mess
  • Please do a STELLAR job with clean-up today! (start around 12:32pm)
Paul - if you have a covering teacher, ask them to log into the computer so that you can print the words you want to trace. If you have a sub, ask for a pass to go to a classroom where you know a teacher who will let you print. There should be a light-colored chalk pencil in the very front of my center desk drawer. You can use that to transfer the text. Lauren & Sebastian both used this method recently; ask them for a refresher if you need it.
Victor - produce something tangible to show me, even if it's just pages of experiments or sketches.

Period 7/8 -- I know that most of you did not start your Cubism/Picasso inspired project yet. PLEASE START TODAY.
 I expect to see progress when I return.
The main requirements are:

    • Your project should clearly "reflect some visual characteristics of" (look like) cubism or Pablo Picasso's work
    • Your project should be your own, unique design. Please do not copy someone else's project that you found online!
  • You have free choice of media (same as last time), so get whatever supplies you need. **Disclaimer: we're almost out of red paint!** 
  • For ideas & methods you can use, see this blog post
  • Do the greatest job cleaning up that ever lived (start around 2:36pm)
Benafsha - start designing your next project, or you can work on your assignment from Crafts class.

I can't wait to see you all on Wednesday. I miss you already!
P.S. Grades will be updated later this week.

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