Wednesday, January 28, 2015

So many projects completed... so many posts to come!

Mid-term exams are almost over (tomorrow is the last day), which means I have loads of pictures of projects from Marking Period 2 and mid-terms to upload and post about! ...whenever I find the time ...after I've finished grading ...and prepping all my lesson materials for Marking Period 3 ...or at least for the next few weeks ...ok, at least the next few days. The job of a first-year teacher is endless!

But I wanted to give you guys (mostly any teachers reading my blog) a sneak peek at the mid-term project that I assigned to my Art 1 classes.

The SGO for this class revolves around value and shading, so to drive home the concept of value (which we've been discussing and practicing with each new medium they learn), I decided to have them do Creative Value Scales. This project seems to be pretty common, as it's all over Pinterest and all over the internet. But the twist for my students: they were allowed to use ANY of the media and techniques we had learned so far, which meant their value scales could be in COLOR!

I seriously can't wait to post the results (and I'll post the Project Info Sheet and rubric, too!), but for now, here's one collage as a "sneak peek" ... not to be confused with a "sneak peak" which would be a creepy mountain.

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