Wednesday, January 14, 2015

General Midterm Information for my RMHS Art students

Here is some general information about the mid-terms for my classes:

Art 1: You have a project and a test. 
  • The test will be approximately 20 questions, a combination of multiple choice and short answer. We will be reviewing in class and I will provide a study guide. The test will be administered during the scheduled Mid-Term Exam period.
  • Your project is the Creative Value Scale. It is due by the end of your exam period.

Art 3: You have a packet and a project.
  • The "Colored Pencil Packet" is being graded in place of a test -- make sure you put in your best effort and fully answer all the short-answer questions in the packet.
  • Your project is an Artist Trading Card in colored pencil. 
  • Both items are due by the end of your exam period.

Advanced Art: You have a written critique and a project.
  • You will be completing a Guided Written Critique Packet in place of a test. You will complete this during the scheduled Mid-Term Exam period. I will be giving you a sample and review on January 21st.
  • Your project is the Negative Space assignment. It is due by the end of your exam period, along with all Marking Period 2 projects.
All students will be required to complete a Self-Assessment Matrix and Reflection Questions for their Mid-Term project. This handout will count towards your project grade, so please put effort into it!

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