Saturday, October 25, 2014

Tattoo Art! (videos and symbol resources)

Hey, everyone!

Are you looking for the videos for our tattoo lesson?

Here is a playlist on YouTube:

Here are the individual links:

  1. What Makes Tattoos Permanent? - Claudia Aguirre (TedEd)
  2. The history of tattoos - Addison Anderson (TedEd)
  3. Strange Science: Tattoos

Pay extra-close attention during the 2nd video -- this is where you will get information about how tattoos were viewed in different cultures! It's on your quiz! (The video covers Victorian England, Sailors, Crusaders, Post-Holocaust Jews, Japanese Prisoners & the Yakuza Gang, and the Maori people. You need to be able to recall two different cultures.)

You can also investigate other cultures... like geek culture!

Here are some helpful links for finding out the meaning of common tattoo symbols:

And here is the source of the image I used above (giving the artist credit)

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