Saturday, October 25, 2014

Shading Forms with Art 1

After my students had mastered the concept of Value, demonstrated through the creation of 10-step value scales and 2.5-inch gradients, we moved on to using our new shading skills to create the illusion of form (3D).

When I created the Shading Forms concept/vocabulary worksheet, I used the following video tutorial:
“Simple Shadows” by Bob Davies

However, after finding the video tutorial “Shading Light and Form – Basics” by Proko, I felt it was more attention-grabbing, so our class watched the following video:

Some concepts from my worksheet were not covered in the Proko video, so I had to explain them myself (including Directional Shading and ambient light).

I will come back to this post and attach the shading forms vocab/concept sheet and the shading forms practice sheet once I get a chance. 

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