Saturday, October 25, 2014

#ColorTheoryParty (#itsnotarealparty)

Hello, class!

Today's activity is designed to help you have fun while exploring new aspects of Color Theory!

You will need to take 2 photos, each that shows a different color scheme (2 color schemes, 1 photo each).

  The photos should each include two labels: 1) your name 2) the type of color scheme

How can you submit photos to me?

Option A: Email your photos directly to Ms. Walker by sending an email to: cwalker @ (remove the spaces)

Option B: Use one of Ms. Walker's (personal) cameras

Here are a few examples of photos to help you get started:

If you are struggling with the color schemes, here is an awesome widget that can help:

(Unfortunately, your phone might not support it)

In addition to the schemes on your worksheet, there is a color scheme called "split complements" - it's not featured in that widget, but the widget does include some more advanced triadic color schemes that will be options for your project.

I hope you have fun with this activity!
-Ms. Walker

P.S. The color theory worksheet is also being collected and graded!

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