Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fauvism & Matisse - Project Inspiration (Art IV)

If you want to review the videos we watched, here are the links:

1. “Art Styles with Mrs. G: Fauvism”

2. “Fauvism – Overview – Goodbye-Art Academy”

And now... for the inspiration!

Here is a unique project that uses watercolors and cut-outs, from Blick:
"Matisse Prints du Soleil"


Here are some popular examples of projects inspired by Fauvist artwork:

Portraits and self-portraits:

mixed media

Animals and pet portraits:

Landscapes, architecture, and city-scapes:

colored pencil

this is digital, but a cool style you could imitate

Still Life:
oil pastel

Projects inspired by the cut-outs:

For those of you who love to draw cartoons, here are some ideas...

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