Monday, November 10, 2014

Name that Color Scheme!

UPDATE: I have made changes to the quiz -- it should be less confusing now.


Hello, class!

During our Color Theory and Post-Impressionism unit, you MUST complete the 2 activities in this post.

*You need to show Ms. Walker your results (and watch her write them down) or email a screenshot of your results to CWalker @ in order to receive credit.*


First, review your knowledge of Color Theory and Color Schemes using these digital flash cards:

 Color Theory Digital Flash Cards

Second, complete the "Name That Color Scheme" quiz at the link below:

You MAY work with a partner, as discussing the colors you see can help some people learn better!

Have fun!

-Ms. Walker

P.S. I found this while searching for "color schemes" in Google images... hahaha

"Your colors are so basic..."

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