Friday, May 29, 2015

Art II Color Theory Day 2 Activity (Friday 5/29)

You probably already know that colors can affect the way people feel and think. Today you will explore the emotional and psychological meanings of color.

You will work in groups of your choice – every student must be part of a group! No going solo today. Your group must have at least 3 members and no more than 6 members.

Each class must complete the assigned activity for ALL 8 COLORS listed below; you may choose to break into 8 groups, or each group may “study” more than one color:


Your Task: Work as a team to create one cohesive work of art that will instantly show the viewer what that color means. 

Your project should be predominantly monochromatic: you should use ONLY the color your group selected, but you can use tints and shades of that color (lighter values and darker values). I will also allow you to use variations of the hue (pure color), for example: warm green and cool green, perhaps some yellow-green, but no plain yellow!

You can use any media you like (mixed media is great), but remember we are almost out of red acrylic!

EVERYONE in the group must take part in the planning AND making of the project.

Please create a composition (arrangement) that nicely fills the entire page -- I don't want to see a tiny drawing awkwardly sitting in one corner.


Please do the BEST job cleaning up that you've ever done in your life!

I will see you after the weekend!

P.S. Want to know more about how colors are viewed in specific cultures? Check this neat infographic

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